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What’s new in superQuery: November 2020

Check out the new features and product improvements that were released in November 2020!

Change your result tab titles

Working with multiple query results can be confusing when they’re called “Result 1”, “Result 2”, “Result 3”, and so on. You can now rename result tabs so they’re easier to identify when comparing multiple result sets.

Full-screen mode improvements

A few updates for users who prefer to work in full-screen mode:

  • Views are editable in full-screen mode
  • “Export” actions such as Download to CSV, Save to Table, and others are now accessible when viewing your query results in full-screen mode.
  • You can now hit the “Esc” button to exit full-screen mode.

Advanced keyboard shortcuts

  • Have an error in our SQL and want to quickly troubleshoot a specific line? Navigate to any line using the CMD+L shortcut.

  • Use Option+Z  to line-wrap your code so that everything will fit in the width of the editor

  • We now support vertical text selection. This allows you to to work bottom-up if you wish and makes text manipulation faster.
Using CMD + L to go to a specific line in my SQL

Backtick support for Autocomplete

Our autocomplete now adds backticks (`) automatically when you use it to complete table names.

Schema enhancements for multi-table queries

We improved how your schema is displayed when you’re querying multiple tables. Each table is collapsible now so you can easily navigate between different schemas.

Quick access to table details

The UX of sharing an individual query now closely resembles the experience of sharing an entire dashboard.

Query scheduler changes for DML queries

When scheduling a DML query, we removed irrelevant fields (ex. Set destination table) from the settings.

Bug fixes

  • You can now CMD+click to open table information even when your SQL doesn’t include the full path to the table (i.e. only `dataset.table`)

  • Query plan progress now displays near the Run button for better visibility on your job’s progress

  • After running a query, you’ll be switched to the result tab if you’re on any other section of the result grid (Table details, Chart, etc.)

  • Fixed an issue where invited users were having trouble logging in.

What's next for superQuery?

Is there something you feel that we should be focusing on next?

Let the superQuery team know what you’d like us to focus on next HERE.