What’s new in superQuery: March 2021

Check out the new features and product improvements that were released in March 2021!

Edit font size

There’s a new option that allows you to increase/decrease the font size of the text that appears in the editor.

See it in action below:

Adjust font size in the query editor

Board Search enhanced

In the past, if you had many Boards, you could search for them from the Boards list in the resource panel.
But many felt that it would be more helpful if tabs within a Board could be searched as well. Well now it’s supported!

View total tables in a dataset

When opening a dataset with a large number of tables, we display the first 400, after which you can click on a “Load More” button to view more tables.
Now we also display how many total tables there are and how many you have viewable as a fraction.

Improved Dark Theme

For some features, the look & feel was a bit off in dark mode. That’s been fixed now for the following features:
  • Record Explorer (when you click the row # in your result grid)
  • SQL Search pop-up
  • Font color of query error messages

Search in Schema

We added a search box so you can search through your schema when viewing it in the result grid. Search in schema is also available if you access it from the resource panel.
Search in Schema

Support for RAISE

Queries with RAISE commands are now supported in superQuery.

Use RAISE to raise your own errors. You can define what kind of error to raise, and the text that shows up.

SQL added to exported results

Now when you export your query results to Google Sheets, we’ll include the SQL that got you those results in a separate Sheet tab.

SQL text included in exported query results

Auto-refresh when performing DML commands

We added a new button in your resource panel where you can do the following:

New settings in superQuery

Set Billing Project across all queries

In superQuery, you can set your Billing Project for all queries at the top of the editor (shown below). However, the selected Billing Project wasn’t being saved across sessions. Now it is 🙂

Set Billing Project in superQuery

Bug fixes

  • We improved UI issues that occurred when creating new tables.
  • Fixed a few issues when running multiple queries in a tab:
    • We were only showing results for the last query ran
    • We weren’t showing error messages when any query after the first one had an error in it.
  • You weren’t being automatically switched to the results tab after running a query.
  • There were issues when you would CMD + click a table to get its details.
  • When setting a destination table for query results, it wouldn’t reset after you cancelled the table.

What's next for superQuery?

Is there something you feel that we should be focusing on next?

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