What’s new in superQuery: September 2019

We’re excited to share some of the superQuery UI and performance updates released in September! 

If there is anything you feel we should be prioritizing next, please let us know here.

UI Updates

  • Over 20 items related to SQL Autocomplete were fixed — a huge thank you to all the users who helped us out with feedback here. Plenty more improvements to come!
  • Create datasets straight from the superQuery UI. 

Click on the
next to the project where you want the dataset to be placed. Then enter the settings for your new dataset, just as you would in BigQuery.

Create dataset superQuery
  • Manage your team in superQuery using Team Management. Group your colleagues under one organization, assign roles, and set up plans.

See how to set up team management here.

User Management superQuery
  • Now you can control your team’s BigQuery costs with query policies

Query policies specify a limit on data scanned or query cost for a given interval of time — and can be customized according to your team’s usage habits.

create policies superquery
  • Performance for table search has been improved — it’s 30% faster! Stay tuned for an even larger search infrastructure project that’ll dramatically increase search performance.

  • Table search will now display results that contain your search phrase rather than only displaying results that start with your phrase.

  • We fixed a bug that occurred when attempting to customize your scheduled query’s interval.


All of the BI integrations (Tableau, Looker, Power BI, etc.) were upgraded to support additional use cases.

Server Performance

  • Major improvements to our smart caching algorithms — including team caching and partition-based caching (set this up on your own Firebase or DynamoDB).
  • Internal server flow has been improved, which should dramatically reduce unnecessary errors.
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