What’s new in superQuery: October 2019

We’re excited to share some of the superQuery UI and performance updates released in October! 

UI Updates

  • Users can now enjoy superQuery in the dark with Dark Mode.
Dark Mode superQuery
  • Visualization tools overall were given a huge upgrade:
    • Graphs have sleeker look.
    • We added stacked bar charts and scatterplots.
    • Download individual visualizations or entire dashboards to .png for your presentations.
    • More customization options available for dashboards.
Sleek dashboards in superQuery
  • Users can now create new tables without writing any SQL. 
Create table
Create Table details
  • Users that want to clean up their resources view can now hide projects they don’t use often.
Hide Projects
  • Nested column hierarchies are now displayed and collapsible in the schema view.
Nested Queries Collapse
  • We’ve added support for many of your favorite keyboard shortcuts — from BigQuery and other popular tools.
Keyboard shortcuts
  • Query results in tabs were reordered so that they count up, not down. Now “Result 1” won’t be named “Result 2” once you run another query. This makes it easier to go back to older result sets.
  • When exporting query results to Google Sheets, the file name will be the name of your Board and Tab.
  • The message that appears when running UPDATE or DELETE statements was updated for better clarity.
  • Fixed bugs related to syntax auto-detection, comments, and auto-complete. 
  • Improved board and schema search with highlighting.
schema search


Views will now appear at the same level as the user branches. So if several teammates (must be connected to the same repo) are updating a view, you’ll see the timeline of everyone’s changes in Github.


  • The tree structure for the GitHub integration was reduced by one level:

Repository > User Branch > Board > Query Tab Folder > Query.sql file

Server Performance

  • Overall server performance improved by 20%. This impacts functions like table and results search.
  • Optimization engine performance was greatly improved and users now get results much faster.
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