What’s new in superQuery: December 2020

Check out the new features and product improvements that were released in December 2020!

Version control your queries in GitLab

A popular request, with the new GitLab integration you’ll be able to save queries and version-control them directly to a GitLab project of your choosing — either hosted on GitLab or self-hosted.

Now you can easily track changes made to your queries over time, with everything organized for you under a hierarchy of User > Board > Tabs.

See how to connect GitLab to superQuery.

Query Changes in GitLab

Updated BigQuery Views Editor

The layout and functionality you see when previewing a view got a facelift:

  • Added functionality to expand the views editor
  • Removed unused icons
  • Font & coloring of various types of text (clauses, columns, etc.)

Resource Search UX Improvements

Sometimes when you searched for a specific table, we would open all relevant datasets when there were multiple possible results.

This was fixed, which should declutter your resource panel when performing a search.

Refreshed Dark Theme Palette

The color palette for dark mode got an update so that it is more pleasing to the eye.

Dark Theme in superQuery

Auto-refresh when performing DML commands

Table & view displays are adjusted when you perform the newly-supported ALTER command.

See new keyboard shortcuts in action

For those who missed out on last month’s announcement of our latest keyboard shortcuts, check out the ~1.5 minute video below.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused invitations to shared boards to not properly send.

What's next for superQuery?

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Let the superQuery team know what you’d like us to focus on next HERE.

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