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What’s new in superQuery: September 2020

Check out the new features and product improvements that were released in September 2020!

Find the SQL you've been looking for

Have you ever found yourself trying to remember where a particular query is located?

Even with tab names and boards making query organization easier, you can still get stuck trying to find a query you’ve been looking for.

Now, you can use SQL Search and search for query tabs using keyword(s) used in the SQL. So if you remember that a particular column, alias, table, etc. was used, you can now find that query!

See how it works.

Edit the # of rows per result page

No longer are you limited to 50 rows of results per page.

Right underneath your result grid, you can now modify the number of results you’ll see per page — from 30, 50, 100, or 200 rows.

Edit number of results per page

Auto-refresh datasets when creating a new table

superQuery now auto-refreshes datasets in your resource panel whenever you create a new table.

This way, your newly-created table will immediately appear in your resources without you having to refresh your page.

Standardized query tab sizes

Every query tab will now be the same size, regardless of title length.

Reorder tabs from resource panel

Previously, you were only able to reorder the way in which your Boards were listed.

Now you can also rearrange query tabs within boards, which helps a lot when you have a ton of tabs.

Reorder tabs in boards list

Improvements to Athena integration

We improved error handling and the onboarding experience when connecting AWS Athena to superQuery. This includes more “How to” links and microcopy added to various steps in the connection process.

Bug fixes

  • Vertical grid lines weren’t appearing when viewing results in the Table view. They’ve been added back.

  • Local History (Git Diff) now correctly displays which result tabs it is comparing.

  • Fixed several issues with how pie charts were displaying.

  • Improved comma placement in your SQL when clicking on fields from the lefthand Schema tab.

  • When clicking on the Query Table “</>” button, it now correctly opens a new query tab with the default SQL users expect to see.

  • In horizontal bar graphs, titles were getting cut off at the top. That is fixed now.

  • We adjusted the default chart size, as it was too small.

  • Clicking on “Refresh All Resources” doesn’t collapse any opened resources anymore.

  • Users now can’t click on the “Commit” button when their Github repository isn’t connected to superQuery.

  • We were returning obly the first 50 rows on DynamoDB / Athena exports. Now all results are exported.

What's next for superQuery?

Is there something you feel that we should be focusing on next?

Let the superQuery team know what you’d like us to focus on next HERE.