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Connecting Tableau to superQuery

These instructions explain how to connect your Tableau account to superQuery’s query optimization engine.
When connected, your queries will pass through superQuery — where it will be automatically optimized — before being executed in BigQuery. 

The engine uses AI to deconstruct each query and build it back together for maximum efficiency.

It determines the best execution flow that can reduce your data scanned (and thus cost) by up to 60% without affecting your results. All by leveraging adaptive caching techniques, and pre-existing partitions & clusters.

The result: a significant reduction in query costs and execution time.


  1. Click on the Integrations link in the sidebar of superQuery:

  2. Enable your desired connection by clicking “Connect”
  3. After clicking “Connect” you’ll see the username and password screen, like so:



  1.  Whitelist your IP Address if necessary
  2.  Copy the hostname and port from this window into your service of choice.
    • server:
    • port: 3306

6.  Finalize the connection.



  • Download the Tableau desktop application
  • Download the MySql connector (
    • The correct driver to download depends on your OS. If you’re using Mac, for instance, then JDBC will be appropriate.

Connecting Tableau to superQuery

  • Open Tableau and choose MySql at “Connect”You will get the following screen:


  1. Insert server IP and port.
    • server:
    • port: 3306
  2. Insert MySQL credentials
    • Get your user and password from integrations section at superQuery IDE as described in the General prerequisites section.
  3. Currently, we aren’t supporting SSL certificate, but traffic is fully secured. Please make sure to uncheck it.


Query the data

  1. You should now see your databases. Select the database you want to query.
  2. Compose a custom query by pressing “New Custom SQL” or drag and drop a table.


That’s it. Now you can start building your own beautiful dashboards. 

Query on! 🙂

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