Connecting Tableau to superQuery

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These instructions explain how to connect your Tableau account to superQuery’s query optimization engine.
When connected, your queries will pass through superQuery — where it will be automatically optimized — before being executed in BigQuery. 
The result: a significant reduction in query costs and execution time.



  • Download Tableau desktop application
  • Send a list of users who are going to connect to superQuery via Tableau.

Connect Tableau to superQuery

  1. Open Tableau and click “Add connection”. You will get the following screen:

  2. Choose MySQL connection.
  3. Insert server IP and port.
    • server:
    • port: 3306
  4. Insert MySQL credentials
    • The superQuery team will provide you with a user and password for each user you provided (see prerequisites)
  5. Currently, we aren’t supporting SSL. Please make sure to uncheck it.


Query the data

  1. You should now see your databases. Select the database you want to query.
  2. Compose a custom query by pressing “New Custom SQL” or drag and drop a table.

Now you can start building your own beautiful dashboards. 

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