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Get unlimited access to superQuery at no additional cost

In February 2020, superQuery was acquired by DoiT International, the leading global cloud consulting company and strategic partner of Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. DoiT International helps companies evaluate, test, migrate, and optimise on public cloud.

As a result, we’ve decided to release a brand new pricing plan!

While you can still purchase superQuery via our Individual and Business plans, you can now get superQuery at no additional cost by becoming a DoiT International customer.

Beyond unlimited superQuery and BigQuery optimization, this plan will also help your team optimize its entire cloud deployment.

If your organization isn’t a DoiT International customer yet, and you’d like to learn more about this offering, keep reading.

How do I become a DoiT International customer?

Becoming a DoiT International customer is incredibly simple:

Your organization would just pay your Google Cloud or AWS bill through DoiT International, at exactly the same price you are already paying directly to Google or AWS. No markups!

In return, your team will be getting from DoiT unlimited consulting and technical support, as well as access to its cloud optimization technologies (namely superQuery and the DoiT Cloud Management Platform) at no additional cost.

How are there no cost markups to working with DoiT?

As public cloud providers like GCP and AWS scale globally, they’ve chosen partners like DoiT International to help their customers get the most out of their cloud technologies.

While they offer support options themselves, cloud vendors prefer to rely on partners like us to help you drive direct business value with their technologies. 

This allows them to devote more attention on innovation and improving your company’s cloud experience with new technologies and capabilities. 

In return, cloud providers share a portion of their revenue — the monthly bill you’re already paying — with the partner. 

You can think of it as the cloud vendors covering the tab.

What are the benefits of partnering with DoiT beyond superQuery?

In addition to unlimited usage of superQuery, all DoiT International customers get the following benefits at no additional cost to what they already pay for Google Cloud or AWS:

Immediate savings on your Google Cloud or AWS bills

We guarantee your team will see meaningful cost savings within the first 90 days. Typically, our customers see a 7%-15% savings during their first 30 days of working with us.

Tap into deep engineering expertise at no additional cost

With 75+ Certified Cloud Architects, working with DoiT means that you get the very best cloud consulting and engineering support from dedicated Senior Cloud Architects who’ve seen everything under the sun cloud.

And what can you expect from our engineering team? Let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • 96% CSAT score
  • 37 min. average first-response time
  • 92% of issues resolved without involving Google or AWS

Whatever your team needs — technical support, architecture reviews, migration assistance, deployment planning, “best practice” sessions — consider DoiT International your trusted co-pilot for all things cloud.

“From its swift onboarding process, to its ability to support us at any level, at any time, and for every requirement. We work with DoiT as an ongoing partner to make decisions and plan ahead. The team helps connect our needs to the solutions that Google Cloud can provide.”
Aviad Diamant
Director of IT Operations, eToroX

Tooling to maximize your ROI in the cloud

Build, run, and scale Kubernetes with confidence

By partnering with DoiT, you’ll operate an agile Kubernetes infrastructure knowing you’re backed by folks who helped build Kubernetes itself. 

Your engineers should be free to focus on adding new features and products, not worrying about infrastructure or asking DevOps for help. 

With 14 certified Kubernetes Administrators — including a CNCF ambassador — you can rest assured knowing that your Kubernetes deployment will be customized to your team’s needs.

Learn more about our Kubernetes services, workshops, and more here.

“DoiT International delivered us a roadmap for Kubernetes. So we knew what to expect and when to expect it. In addition, almost every week for the past year, we have had workshops with their team to discuss features and implementation.”
Sergei Koren
Production Architect, LivePerson

Partner with DoiT International

Want to improve how your company uses the cloud?

It all starts with a conversation.

Click the button below and fill out the short (5 questions) form. 

We’ll be in touch with you from there to start your cloud optimization journey with DoiT International.

You can also view a short summary of DoiT here.

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