Instantly send queries in BigQuery
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The Ultimate Way to Share Queries in BigQuery

BigQuery collaboration enhanced

How do you currently share queries with other colleagues using BigQuery? Today you’ll learn the best, most time-efficient, way to share your work in BigQuery.

As your data team scales, analytics becomes more complex, with more “layers” being added to the onion that is your company’s data. This increase in data to peel through (ok, no more onion references) makes it all the more important for team collaboration to be seamless.

Collaboration also shouldn’t come at the cost of your focus and disrupt your work flow.

So if you want to collaborate better with your team in BigQuery, you’ll love this new trick. Let’s get started.

The ol' copy+paste method

Today, you might share your work in one of the following ways:
  1. Copy + paste SQL as a snippet in Slack.
  2. Save/Download SQL as a .txt file and send via email or messenger app.
  3. Share a link to the SQL file stored in GitHub (or another repo).
However, these options require you to leave your BigQuery console and open another application, which can be distracting and take you out of your flow
Sharing BigQuery query by pasting snippet in Slack
Sharing SQL in Slack by pasting a snippet takes you out of your work flow in BigQuery

After deciding the methods above aren’t good enough, you might decide sharing queries via Google BigQuery
itself since you don’t need to leave your console to do so.

But this requires you to:

  1. First, save the query.
  2. Then make the query public to everyone that has permissions to the project.

Which presents two issues:

  • You still can’t share queries with specific people from the console, like you can with Documents and Sheets in Drive — and you’ll still have to paste the query’s link in an email or chat tool.
  • You won’t necessarily want to save every query you’ll want to share. That will clog up your Saved Queries folder.

Just what the analytics team ordered

That’s why we’re excited to announce Send Queries in superQuery — the most efficient way to share work in BigQuery.

Without leaving your IDE, you can send a single query — or multiple queries — to colleagues in just two clicks.

Simply hit “Send Query To” in a specific tab’s dropdown if you want to share a specific query.


Send query to someone in BigQuery with superQuery
Send individual queries in BigQuery.

Click on the “Send” icon to the right of your query tabs if you want to share all of your opened queries.

Share multiple queries in BigQuery with superQuery

Then just enter the email of your query’s recipient and BOOM. That’s it.

A copy of the query/queries will be created for the recipient to edit, and will automatically be added to their superQuery inside of a new Board (i.e. a folder for queries). That way, your original work won’t get modified by those you share it with.

To start seamlessly sharing queries with your team, login to superQuery or add us to your Chrome.

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