What’s new in superQuery: November 2019

We’re excited to share some of the superQuery UI and performance updates released in November! 

UI Updates

  • We added support for stored procedures. Take a look below to see their icon and how they’re previewed.
  • More upgrades and bug fixes for graphs and charts
    • Improved color schema for charts (light/dark mode)
    • Line fills now work properly
  • Data scientists that work with Jupyter Notebooks can now export their SQL from superQuery to Google Colab or as a .ipynb file.

See how it works here.

Export to Colab
Export your SQL to Colab
SQL in Colab
Further analyze your query results
  • It is now indicated on your results tab whether a query is executing.


  • Bulk create/update functionality is now available for teams connecting Looker to superQuery. Now, it’s super easy to set up multiple connections. 
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