How much does superQuery cost?

Data Superhero

For companies who want to level-up their queries



Data Superhero plan Includes:

Unlimited users

Powerful IDE for Google BigQuery

AI query optimization engine

Create and share beautiful dashboards


For companies on Google's flat-rate pricing


Enterprise includes all Data Superhero plan features, and the following:

Unlimited data optimization

Unlimited API calls

Smart caching

VIP support

Frequently Asked Questions

You receive full access to a powerful serverless SQL IDE that has BigQuery-integrated BI dashboards, and the superQuery AI optimization engine that reduces your query costs by up to 60%.

$0.50 Per Terabyte Scanned – How you already pay for BigQuery.

We want to make everything simple for data analysts and scientists — including pricing. Similar to how you pay $5 per terabyte scanned in Google BigQuery, you’re only charged 50 cents for every terabyte scanned via superQuery.

  1. As a user of superQuery, you and your team (classified by having a shared domain) can take advantage of superQuery’s AI and smart caching for the first 20 TB of data they scan with us every month, for free.
  2. The result: Efficient and cost-effective queries on Google BigQuery, and overall BigQuery costs reduced by up to 60%.
  1. Once your team goes over 20 TB scanned for the month, you will be asked to provide your team’s billing information in order to continue using our AI and smart caching to run efficient queries.
  2. There are no surprises with us. You’ll receive an email from superQuery once your team has scanned 10 TB of data for the month with superQuery, informing you that you have 10 TB left that you can scan for free for the rest of the month before you’ll be asked to purchase a subscription.
  3. Once your team reaches 20 TB scanned for the month, you and your team will receive an email saying you’ve run out of free terabytes to scan with superQuery for the month. You will still be able to use superQuery, with the exception of running queries.

We accept all major credit cards, and also accept consolidated billing via connecting your Google Cloud Platform billing account. You decide what payment preference is easiest for you (start your free trial today!)

Your data’s security is our number one priority. superQuery’s platform comes standard with enterprise-level features including two-factor authentication, SAML-based single sign-on (supporting SAML, OneLogin, and Google Apps), and team management to keep superQuery access secure and up-to-date. We also offer  many options for securing connections to your database, including IP Whitelisting, SSL, SSH, PKI, and Kerberos authentication. We use the OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization to connect to your Google BigQuery account. For more information, please review our security protocol here.

To execute a query, we require access to your Google BigQuery account via Google’s API. We use the access to only analyze the metadata. We will never read/write your data.

No, your data is private and will remain so forever. We only analyze the metadata and display it for your eyes only in the dashboards you create.

At superQuery we are constantly updated with developments in privacy and security policies. Our data security program is designed to ensure that the policies, controls, and processes are appropriate to the type of personal data and data processing collected.

We will be soon. Integration of our AI optimization engine into other BI tools like Tableau and Looker is something we’re currently working on and hope to release in the next few months.

Support is available 7 days/week, and we will reply within 24 hours. To contact support, you can chat with us in the messenger box in the bottom-left corner of your screen, or email us.

We are working to produce video tutorials and guides that will familiarize you with our product and various features. For any specific tutorial & guide requests, feel free to email us with any specific requests via email, or simply start chatting with us here.

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