May 2019 Release Notes

We’re excited to share some of the superQuery UI and performance updates released in May! 

If there is anything you feel we should be focusing on next, please let us know here.

UI Updates

  • You can now visualize your query result on the same screen as your editor. Simply click on the “Chart” tab that appears above your results grid. This lets you evaluate your queries much faster before exporting to your BI tool of choice.
  • Nested query results are now displayed in multiple lines instead of a single cell.
  • Users can now set up Team Caching on their own DynamoDB. This means that if you execute a query that a colleague ran earlier in the day, you won’t double-pay.
    • To set up Team Caching on your own DynamoDB, go to Integrations > Available Integrations > Advanced > Private (make sure Tier 1 caching is checked) and click on Set Credentials. Finally, enter the requested database information and your team is all set for some massive savings!
Set up Team Caching in superQuery
  • We added a new DML menu for datasets and tables. Clicking on any of these options will open a new tab with an SQL template of the function you selected, allowing you to make modifications from there.
New DML capabilities for datasets in superquery
New DML capabilities for tables in superQuery
  • We now display column descriptions in the Schema tab.
  • Users can now evaluate and query BigQueryML models and view training statistics in the IDE.
superQuery ML capabilities
View statistics of your ML models in superQuery


  • We’ve added an integration with Google Data Studio. Connect your team’s Data Studio to automatically optimize your queries in real-time before they’re executed in BigQuery. This means your queries will execute much faster in Data Studio and cost less.
Where to find superQuery's Data Studio Integration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: There was a bug that occurred when users sent queries to others and the intended recipient wouldn’t always receive the query.
  • Fixed: Fields with time format now display time in 24-hour format.
  • Fixed: An error that occurred when users would opt to refresh results without cache.
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements
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