What’s new in superQuery: July 2019

We’re excited to share some of the superQuery UI and performance updates released in July! 

If there is anything you feel we should be prioritizing next, please let us know here.

UI Updates

  • Simplified the Resource Panel for easier navigation around superQuery. 
new resource panel ui
Now, each section gets its own icon in a side bar.
  • Enhanced the Boards tab with a new design and additional capabilities.
  1. You can now view the queries contained in each board.
  2. Clicking on a query in a board’s dropdown list will give you a preview of the query’s SQL.
  3. Control the order in which your boards appear with drag & drop functionality.
  • You can now create more than five variables per board.
  • Query result search is now applied across your entire result set rather than just the current page.
  • Added highlight when searching your results.
Highlight search result
  • When you set an active project for a query tab, any new tabs opened afterward will have that active project applied automatically. 


Google Cloud Storage support
  • You can now set up team caching on your own Firebase account.
superQuery Firebase
  • Added support for manually setting your active project in superPy, our Python library. 
Project ID superPy
  • Aligned the superPy syntax with BigQuery’s python library syntax. This makes for an easier transition when shifting from BigQuery’s library to ours.

View the similarities below:

BigQuery python library
BigQuery's python library
superPy library


We launched our Help Center, which contains tips and tricks on using superQuery. 

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