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Connecting Chartio to superQuery

General prerequisites

  1. Click on the Integrations link in the sidebar of superQuery:

  2. Enable your desired connection by clicking “Connect”
  3. After clicking “Connect” you’ll see the username and password screen, like so:


  1.  Whitelist your IP Address if necessary
  2.  Copy the hostname and port from this window into your service of choice.
    • server:
    • port: 3306

6.  Finalize the connection.


Client account: For this integration, you will need to subscribe to

Connect Chartio to superQuery

  1. Log in to
  2. Add a MySql connection


  3. Fill in your connection details as shown below and click Connect.
    Host:, Port: 3306





  1. Wait for the schema loading process to finish

  2. You should now be connected to superQuery and ready to explore your data.

That’s it! Now you can start building your own beautiful dashboards. 

Query on! 🙂

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