What’s new in superQuery: August 2019

We’re excited to share some of the superQuery UI and performance updates released in August! 

If there is anything you feel we should be prioritizing next, please let us know here.

UI Updates

The new Query Scheduler has been rolled out to all users, with some unique capabilities:

    • This means you can set up query dependencies that contain CRUD operations and execute in a sequence — in a single scheduler!
    • Select the billing project the query will be executed on while defining a different project inside your SQL.
Query Scheduler superQuery
Query Scheduler in superQuery

We also released a Scheduled Query Manager where view all of your scheduled queries in one screen, view each query’s run history, and audit any failed queries.

Refer to these resources when giving the query scheduler a try:

How to Schedule a Query

Managing Scheduled Queries

Manage Scheduled Queries SuperQuery
Scheduled Queries Manager

A major collaboration update in the UI:

  • When someone shares a Board with you, you’re now able to view the SQL of the queries inside. This makes it effortless to share your work in superQuery — no more copying and pasting SQL.
  • The shared board will also appear in your Boards dropdown with a picture of the board’s owner next to it.
Collaboration superQuery Boards

Now when you execute a query, the results of your last ten previously-executed queries in that tab will remain viewable.

With this, you won’t have to re-run a recently-executed query to get its results.

View Query Results History


All of the BI integrations (Tableau, Looker, Power BI, etc.) were upgraded to support more use cases.

Specifically, you can now select the billing project from the Integrations pop-up, as shown below.

Select Billing Project in superQuery Integrations


We launched our Help Center, which contains tips and tricks on using superQuery. 

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