We believe winning teams constantly prove their value

We’re here, to turn every analyst into a data super hero.

Every superhero’s story starts with one pivotal moment that changes everything – whether its getting bitten by a spider, being struck by gamma rays, or volunteering as a test subject for a risky experiment.

We see data scientists and analysts as dormant superheroes, and superQuery as the catalyst that turns them and their teammates into the Avengers of Big Data.

Founded in 2016, our team of data-driven geeks have been managing big data solutions for over 20 years. Our belief is that you are only as good as your last query. superQuery’s mission is to provide the most valuable solutions for data scientists & analysts who value their time and money.

Our team

Avi has spent the past 20 years leading R&D and innovation teams, managing big data and full stack development initiatives.

Prior to founding superQuery he worked for six years at TradAir leading cloud and big data projects. Big data tools he’s developed are being used by Tier-1 banks daily to trade and analyze billions in currencies.

Avi Zloof

“We founded superQuery to bring significant value to data analysts & scientists as the 3rd wave of big data — serverless big data — begins to take shape.”


Ido Volff
VP Business development

“As a data analyst/scientist, you are only as good as your last query. Our goal is to help data practitioners consistently and productively run perfect queries.“


Ido is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded Sleeve (Edtech), EmbraceMe (IoT), and ChaChange (FinTech).

Ido worked as a Technical and Business Evangelist at Microsoft and was in charge of communicating the value of Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 to Israel’s startup ecosystem.

He’s an active mentor in the Israeli startup ecosystem, helping early stage startups grow fast.

Mor is a self taught developer who, prior to co-founding superQuery, formed two companies focused on UX and Web Development.

He is obsessed with building beautiful, efficient products for data analysts & scientists.

Mor Zloof
VP Product

“Everything we build must blend seamlessly in any data analyst/scientist’s workflow. As a result, our solutions are a result of countless conversations with our users.“


Tamir Klein

“As every company transforms into a data company, we aim to simplify the experience of finding the golden nuggets in data and enabling data teams to work more efficiently.“


A cloud and serverless advocate, Tamir loves getting his hands dirty and tinkering with code.

For the past 20 years, Tamir has created several trading, mobile, and payment applications from scratch for leading organizations around the globe.

Prior to joining superQuery, Tamir was TradAir’s CTO for seven years.

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